Line of Duty Series 2: 2014 Start Date, Trailer and Cast List

Image Credit: BBC/Steffan Hill

Keeley Hawes playing Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton – Image Credit: BBC/Steffan Hill

What date does season 2 of Line of Duty start on the BBC?

The new series of the popular crime drama will premiere at 9:00pm on Wednesday, 12 February, 2014, on BBC Two.

Episode 1 begins with three police officers getting killed when their convoy is ambushed, also leading to the serious injury of a supposedly protected witness. With evidence pointing to an information leak from within the force being behind the incident, AC-12 are called in to investigate.

Series 2 is scheduled to run for 6,1 hour episodes.

Here’s the recent BBC trailer for the upcoming season:

Main Cast List:

Keeley Hawes – Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton

Martin Compston – Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott

Vicky McClure – Detective Constable Kate Fleming

Adrian Dunbar – Superintendent Ted Hastings

Mark Bonnar – Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden

Jessica Raine – Detective Constable Georgia Trotman

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  1 comment for “Line of Duty Series 2: 2014 Start Date, Trailer and Cast List

  1. don
    Thursday 13 February, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    can anybody clarify something.In series 1 Adrian Dunbars HQ was seen to be in a hi-tec building (actually my sons Uni-Birmingham City University Millenium Point Campus)Although Jed Mercurio states with Series 2 filmed in Belfast the setting is
    generic/unnamed British city,Dunbar introduces his Wife who he is seen driving home from a restaurant.This would imply the investigation is taking place in said same generic city from series 1.Otherwise ,surely he would mention the investigation has ‘moved’ to the city where they share their married home-even though we learn they are separeted…If so,why has Dunbar no longer got his HQ?Has it moved in the plot year since series 1? Is he having to base himself with his ‘best team’ as he called them due to funding cuts? help?

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