Nicholas McDonald’s ‘Winners Song’: Superman (It’s Not Easy) YouTube Video

Here’s the official ITV YouTube video of Nicholas McDonald singing Superman (It’s Not Easy), which would have been his X Factor winners song, had he won:

Had Nicholas won the X Factor UK 2013, ‘Superman’ which was originally released by Five for Fighting back in 2001, would have likely been the UK chart Christmas number one.

Despite having a huge fan following, the young Scottish contestant finished runner-up to the amazing Sam Bailey, who had long been a huge favorite to win the series. Though due to the 17-year-old’s popularity, Nicholas will surely experience chart success of his own in the near future.

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  1 comment for “Nicholas McDonald’s ‘Winners Song’: Superman (It’s Not Easy) YouTube Video

  1. Donnell Anderson
    Monday 24 March, 2014 at 3:33 AM

    It was very obvious, that Gary Barlow wasn’t liking Nicholas. Whatever the reason Gary was wrong. In week 2, he told Nicholas to just stand there with one light on him, and sing. Around week five or six, he was telling Nicholas to show some identity, move, etc., and his deliberate refusal to stand when everyone else was doing so, was ridiculous. I have watched this entire series; (both Sam and Nicholas), more than 50 times, and in every live show. Gary had little praise for Nicholas, in comparison to the other judges! Sam was very good, but I thought Nicholas was better!

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