New 2014 series of ‘Shetland’ starts this March on BBC One

Jimmy Perez (DOUGLAS HENSHALL) - Image Credit: BBC/ITV Studios. Photographer: Mark Mainz

Detective Jimmy Perez (DOUGLAS HENSHALL): In series 2 of Shetland (2014) – Image Credit: BBC/ITV Studios. Photographer: Mark Mainz

Following its original two-episode run last year, Shetland is scheduled to return to the BBC in March, 2014 for a full length second series.

Airing on BBC One, the murder-mystery series will feature 6 episodes divided into three, two-part tales.

Lead cast members Douglas Henshall, Steven Robertson and Alison O’Donnell all return to the show, playing the roles of Detective Jimmy Perez, Sandy Wilson and Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh respectively. The three will now be joined by actress Julie Graham who plays the part of procurator fiscal (public prosecutor), Rhona Kelly.

Over the course of the series, you can also keep a look out for a number of guest stars including Alex Norton, Brian Cox, David Hayman, Nina Sosanya, Bill Paterson and John Lynch.

Episode Guide

Story 1 (Episodes 1 & 2) The team investigate a crime from the past in order to help them solve the fresh murder of 17-year-old Catherine Ross, who’s discovered dead on a secluded beach.

Story 2 (Episodes 3 & 4) Suspicions arise when it appears the seemingly accidental death of a journalist may actually be linked to the opposition of a gas pipeline.

Story 3 (Episodes 5 & 6) Following a scientists murder on Fair Isle, Detective Perez must return to his childhood home in attempt to solve the case. However, due to a storm on the mainland, Jimmy is forced to conduct the investigation alone.

It’s now been officially confirmed that the new series of Shetland will premiere at 9:00pm on Tuesday, 11 March, 2014 on BBC One.

Cast List

Actor/Actress – Character

DOUGLAS HENSHALL – Detective Jimmy Perez


ALISON O’DONNELL – Alison McIntosh

JULIE GRAHAM – Rhona Kelly

MARK BONNAR – Duncan Hunter

Guest Stars

BRIAN COX – Magnus Bain

NINA SOSANYA – Willow Reeves

ALEX NORTON – Cameron Watt

CLIVE RUSSELL – Adam Markham

DAVID HAYMAN – Joe Dalhousie

JOHN LYNCH – Frank Blake


BBC Renew Shetland for a Third Series

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  11 comments for “New 2014 series of ‘Shetland’ starts this March on BBC One

  1. Jacki
    Tuesday 1 April, 2014 at 9:25 PM

    love the series but some of the accents are a little too broad for me to grasp !!

  2. Anonymous
    Tuesday 25 March, 2014 at 9:28 PM

    Is that Russ Abbot on Shetland??

    • Anonymous
      Tuesday 25 March, 2014 at 10:15 PM

      Is the Cameron Watt daughter the girl from Big Brother 12 ????

      • Wednesday 26 March, 2014 at 12:26 AM

        Evie Watt is played by Scottish actress Kari Corbett.

  3. vicki karanicola
    Tuesday 25 March, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Loving the new series. Is it all actually filmed in Shetland ?

    • Wednesday 26 March, 2014 at 12:21 AM

      Much of the filming for Shetland is actually done at various locations on the Scottish mainland.

    • Karen
      Tuesday 1 April, 2014 at 8:44 PM

      I live in Shetland and the outdoor scenes are all filmed in shetland. A lot of the scenes filmed indoors are on the mainland.

    • L. McGilvrey.
      Tuesday 1 April, 2014 at 10:35 PM

      Most of the scenes in this new series ARE filmed in Shetland. A hauntingly beautiful place.

  4. Joost van Gemert
    Tuesday 18 March, 2014 at 10:06 PM

    In the series they use alot of relaxing celtic music. Could you provide some titles/names? Thank you

  5. Alan Goodacre
    Sunday 16 March, 2014 at 5:04 PM

    Regarding the Series its wonderful but can you please help me , during the advert or trailer run for this 2nd series there is a wonderful song played i believe the lyrics say down by the river? Could you please tell me what the song is and who is singing it
    Many Thanks Alan Goodacre e-mail
    Thank you

    • Mike
      Tuesday 18 March, 2014 at 9:04 AM

      Hi Alan, yes its called Riverside by Agnes Obel Available on Itunes



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