Will X Factor’s Tamera Foster be this series Ella Henderson?

Given her shaky but ultimately stunning rendition of Whitney’s ‘I Have Nothing’ during the arena auditions, it’s easy to see why Tamera Foster has quickly become favorite to win this years X Factor. Though few would doubt the 16 year old’s talent and huge potential, is that enough to win the X Factor these days?

If all this hype sounds familiar though, that’s probably because it is. We heard similar comments and promises of stardom during Ella Henderson’s time on the X Factor just last year, and rightly so.

So where then did Ella finish on X Factor 2012? Sixth, yep she finished in sixth position. Ella even came behind Rylan Clarke during the live shows. Fortunately Miss Henderson’s singer/songwriter talents didn’t go unnoticed by boss Simon Cowell, meaning her failure to win didn’t stand in the way of receiving a record deal.

Maybe as an X Factor contestant there’s such a thing as being too good, history suggests if your a massive favorite to win the series you simply won’t get the public votes.

Assuming Tamera overcomes her nerves and gets though to the live finals, there’s no way Simon Cowell’s gonna let this future star get away, whether she wins or not. But it would make a nice change if X Factor 2013 could be won by a clear cut favorite, whomever that may be.

One of the things we’re most looking forward to seeing as series 10 progresses is just how good Tamera can get. Will she really become bigger than Leona Lewis?

Here’s the Tamera Foster X Factor audition video that’s got the entire music industry taking:

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  1 comment for “Will X Factor’s Tamera Foster be this series Ella Henderson?

  1. Caz
    Saturday 30 November, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    She needs to go. It all about the looks and the diva attitude. Rough Copy and Sam Bailey deserve a better chance. They have much more professional and mature attitude. It will be interesting when she has to learn two songs. What are the voting public meant to do. Just sit back and make Simon Cowell call the shots. That’s where this show loses all it’s credibility. I stopped voting years ago. I just let the producers have their way. They always do, not with my money!

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