10 O’Clock Live Returns to Channel 4

This Wednesday see’s the return of one of Channel 4’s most popular and relevant shows, 10 O’Clock Live.

For me this satirical series features pretty much an all-star line up on the hosting front, if your a fan of one of the hosts then chances are you’ll like them all.

Returning for the third series will be Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne who compliment each other brilliantly.

Each week Jimmy Carr will do what he does best by performing a short stand-up routine and the odd sketch, usually in some kind of extravagant costume.

Charlie Brooker brings us his hilarious and unique take on the weeks events, great for those missing Weekly Wipe which recently finished on BBC TWO.

That’s the pre-written material taken care of but on a live show you need a little improvisation, so who better to fill those awkward silences than David Mitchell.

The star of Peep Show and quiz-com regular is perhaps the best in the business when it comes to thinking on his feet. Plus Mitchell’s intelligence regularly proves more than a match for even the most savvy political guest.

Rounding off the cast list is Lauren Laverne, though not as naturally funny as the others she does bring a little structure and control to proceedings, providing a nice balance.

Basically 10 O’Clock live is a stand-up, sketch and current affairs panel show all mashed together and crammed into 60 minutes.

Whereas a lot of hour long shows on TV these days could easily be fit into 30 minutes, spending half the time telling you whats coming up and whats already happened. 10 O’Clock Live always feels like they could go on longer, leaving you wanting that little bit more.

Let’s hope the producers stick with the old formula for the new series which starts Wednesday, 24 April on Channel 4 at you guessed it, 10 O’Clock.