Abi Alton performs Lego House in Emotional X Factor Sing Off

Once again Sundays X Factor sing-off displayed a far higher standard of vocals than the main Saturday night show.

Tonight saw Abi Alton sing the Ed Sheeran song ‘Lego House’, which arguably proved to be her best performance of the entire series. Here’s the official ITV YouTube video of Abi in tonight’s sing-off:

Despite raising her game for the save-me-song and receiving positive comments from the judges, this proved to be Abi’s final vocal of her time on X Factor. The singer-songwriter ended up losing out to fellow Nicole Scherzinger girl Hannah Barrett, who gave a soulful rendition of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Despite the 19 year old clearly having great potential, be it due to bad song choices or nerves Abi was rarely able to fulfill it during the live shows.

As way of consolation though, Ab Alton had already secured her place on the X Factor live tour in 2014.

With her musical and song-writing talents, there’s little doubt Abi will have a bright future in the industry. Failing to win the X Factor perhaps even gifting her greater credibility.