Will Alice Fredenham’s appearance on The Voice hurt her BGT chances?

When viewers were first introduced to singer Alice Fredenham earlier this month on Britain’s Got Talent, we saw her as a nervous, casually dressed amateur.

Before her performance she told the judges she hadn’t informed any of her friends or family she was auditioning in case she failed. All this before singing a great rendition of ‘My Funny Valentine’ which left Simon Cowell more than impressed.

Then the following weekend the now familiar face pops up on rival BBC show The Voice. Ironically though for the show where the judges can’t see her, Alice was looking far more glamours and confident.

So why the huge change in appearance and behavior?

Well things begin to make a little more sense when you realize despite her audition for The Voice being broadcast a week later, it was actually recorded first.

So perhaps this huge drop in confidence can simply be put down to none of The Voice coaches turning around for her, meaning Alice was off the show right away.

Either that or Alice is in fact a master tactician who realized that what people love to see most on talent shows, especially BGT is a good old SuBo moment. An audition where you think someone is gonna be rubbish but instead turn out to be world class.

If someone looks like their going to be good then turn out to be just that, wheres the great television moment in that?

More likely though Alice’s confidence was genuinely knocked by her earlier experience and was fearful of history repeating itself.

How viewers interpret the transformation may ultimately decide Fredenham’s chances of winning Britain’s Got Talent but either way, she’ll probably be better off there than she would have been on The Voice.