Where is Ambassadors filmed? – TV Series Film Locations

Question: In which country is the BBC series Ambassadors filmed?

Answer: While the BBC’s new comedy-drama series is set in the fictional¬†Central Asian Republic of Tazbekistan, producers chose to film many of the outdoor scenes in Turkey.


Ambassadors: A map of The People’s Republic of Tazbekistan. Image Credit: BBC/Big Talk. Photographer: Colin Hutton. Image Copyright: Big Talk

Speaking to the BBC, the shows director Jeremy Webb said “We couldn’t actually go to Central Asia because there’s no real filming infrastructure there. So Turkey seemed to provide some of the images that we would associate with Central Asia. So in terms of creating our fictitious country, we sort of picked from various places.”

Also talking to the BBC, David Mitchell who plays the lead character Keith Davies, added “All the interiors are shot near the M25, so that’s good value for the license payer.”

Starting on October 23, Ambassadors will run for 3, 60-minute episodes on BBC Two and HD.