Ambassadors: New Mitchell and Webb BBC2 Comedy Drama Series

Image Credit: BBC/Big Talk Photographer: Colin Hutton Image Copyright: Big Talk

Ambassadors stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb – Image Credit: BBC/Big Talk. Photographer: Colin Hutton. Image Copyright: Big Talk

David Mitchell and comedy partner Robert Webb will be returning to BBC Two soon with their new diplomat themed comedy drama, Ambassadors. The series will be set in the British embassy of Tazbekistan, a fictional former Soviet Republic.

There Mitchell will play Keith Davies, the recently appointed Ambassador who is both new to the job, and the country. At his side will be Webb, playing the role of Neil Tilly, the more experienced and acclimatized Deputy Head of Mission.

The show will see Davis, Tilly and the rest of their diplomatic team fight to balance the embassies conflicting tasks and objectives. While attempting to portray a positive image of Britain to the Tazbekistan population, the team must also work to get their foot in the door of this oil rich country on behalf of UK business.

Ambassadors is written by Rupert Walters and James Wood. The BBC has now announced the three part series will begin airing at 9:00 PM on 23 October, 2013 on BBC2. Earlier than we originally anticipated.

In the meantime to help get you in the mood, here’s the classic ‘Brain Surgeon’ sketch from the BBC’s ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ series: