When does Ambassadors start on BBC Two?

Question: What date does the new Ambassadors TV series begin broadcasting on the BBC?


Ambassador David Mitchell. Image Credit: BBC/Big Talk. Photographer: Colin Hutton. Image Copyright: Big Talk

Answer: The new Mitchell and Webb show Ambassadors will start airing at 9:00pm on Wednesday, 23 October, 2013. The series will consist of three one-hour long episodes.

The show will see David Mitchell playing the role of Keith Davies, an inexperienced British Ambassador to the fictional Eastern block country of Tazbekistan.

Joining him on screen is Robert Webb who plays Davies’ deputy, Neil Tilly. Despite being second in command, Tilly has conducted his duties in Tazbekistan far longer, giving him a greater understanding of the nations language and customs.

Ambassadors promises to deliver a great mix of political and diplomatic commentary, mixed in with that unmistakable Mitchell and Webb brand of humor.