Andrea Faustini singing ‘Who’s Loving You’ – X Factor UK 2014 Audition Videos

Full YouTube Audition Video with Judges Comments

19-year-old student Andrea Faustini travelled all the way from Rome, Italy to audition on The X Factor UK 2014, and going by his powerful rendition of the Jackson 5’s ‘Who’s Lovin You’, it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Despite Italy having its own version of The X Factor, Andrea felt auditioning for the British version would give him a better chance of achieving the type of singing career he desires.

Judges Comments

Cheryl: “Seriously, that is unbelievable. Your little Spice Girls doll, I’m like OK, and then you sang and I was like, oh my god. Your the biggest example why to not judge a book by its cover, that told me.”

Mel: “That was a big soulful vocal, my god you took it to church and back brother. I loved that, like my favourite of the auditions so far.”

Louis: “That was a brilliant audition.”

Simon: “I mean your really cute, but you are Italian and this is the British X Factor. We embrace all nationalities on this show, I actually think that’s just the beginning of how good you could be.”

Pug loving Andrea Faustini received four yes’s from the panel, sending him through to the arena auditions stage of the competition.

The arena auditions will start airing at 8:00pm on Saturday, 13 September on ITV.