Will the BBC show MotoGP in 2014?

Question: Will the BBC be showing MotoGP coverage during the 2014 season?

Answer: Unfortunately for many motorcycle racing fans in the UK, the BBC failed to secure the rights to broadcast MotoGP races in 2014.

Despite making what they classed as a competitive bid, the Beeb lost out to BT Sport, who now have exclusive TV rights to air MotoGP throughout next season.

British Eurosport also lost their rights to show delayed race coverage in the UK.

On the slightly more positive side, fans who currently get their broadband through BT will be able to watch the new channels live coverage at no extra cost. Plus anyone thinking of switching provider or choosing to simply subscribe directly may find things less costly than if Sky Sports had done the deal.

Be warned that even if you’re an existing BT Broadband customer, when you request them to add the free Sports package, you’ll be taking out a new 12 month contract. Not good if you want to switch to another broadband/phone/TV provider soon after.

So unless you really want the Sports channels or are happy to be tied into a new contract, best not ask them to activate the new channels.

UPDATE: As some people have just mentioned in the comments below, ITV4 will now be showing an hour long MotoGP highlights programme on Monday nights after the race weekends. Though this is far from ideal, it’s certainly better than no coverage at all for non-BT subscribers.