BBC Two Announce a Batch of New Series Including: Stonemouth, Boy Meets Girl and A Black History Of Britain

BBC Two Controller Kim Shillinglaw - Image Credit: BBC/Sam Burnett

BBC Two Controller Kim Shillinglaw – Image Credit: BBC/Sam Burnett

BBC Two’s new controller Kim Shillinglaw, has today unveiled a selection of new TV series, all now officially commissioned and heading your way. Here’s a preview of what you have to look forward to:


Stonemouth – Two 60 minute episodes.

Delving into love, loyalty and vengeance, this new mini-series is based on author Iain Banks novel, also titled ‘Stonemouth’. The drama focuses on the character Stewart Gilmour, who returns home to attend the funeral of his best friend. Having been forced out of town by his girlfriend’s family a year earlier, Stewart now has no choice but to face up to his own past, while also trying to uncover the sinister truth behind his friend’s apparent suicide.


The Javone Prince Show – Four 30 minute episodes.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience and featuring comedy sketches, stand-up, music, plus special guest appearances, Javone Prince looks into all facets of contemporary multicultural Britain. Along with friends, the ‘PhoneShop’ star will be questioning who we are, what our attitudes are and why we have them.

Boy Meets Girl – Six 30 minute episodes.

Billed as ‘Britain’s first transgender sitcom’, Boy Meets Girl has now been commissioned for a full 6×30 minute series. This deal follows a successful screening of the shows pilot episode at the BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase. The shows plot goes a little something like this: Leo’s had a bad day. He’s been fired from work (again), he’s getting a hard time from his mum and, to cap it all, his blind date stands him up. But then Leo bumps into Judy and finds himself deeply attracted to this surprising and beguiling woman.

Jack and Michael Whitehall - Image Credit: BBC/Pete Dadds

Jack and Michael Whitehall – Image Credit: BBC/Pete Dadds


Though technically not a new programme, with BBC Three set to eventually move purely online, some of the channels more popular series are now making the leap over to a new home on Two. If you haven’t seen it before, Backchat is a comedy chat show hosted by stand-up Jack Whitehall, with a little help from his dad Michael.


A Black History Of Britain with David Olusoga – Six episodes.

David Olusoga will be presenting a new landmark series providing an authored account of the people and moments that have defined Britain’s black history. The programme will look back at the African diaspora that has resided for centuries, not just in Britain’s towns and cities, but in the countries imagination – in British art and literature. From Roman legionaries to Steve McQueen, the Domesday Book to the court of Henry VIII, A Black History Of Britain will uncover how Africa and her people have been part of Britain’s story far longer than many people may imagine.

The Mekong River with Sue Perkins – Four episodes.

Taking an incredible journey to South East Asia’s greatest river, the Mekong, Bake Off host Sue Perkins sets out on a life-changing adventure as she explores lives and landscapes on the point of dramatic change.