How many episodes of Better Call Saul are there?

How many episodes are there of Better Call Saul in season 1 and 2?

The number of episodes in series 1 of Better Call Saul will be 10. Confident of the Breaking Bad spin-off’s quality and likely success, season 2 of BCS was commissioned long before the first series even began airing. Scheduled to premiere in early 2016, Better Call Saul will run for a additional 13 episodes.

The highly anticipated comedy-drama debuted on Netflix UK on Monday the 9th of February 2015 with the season premiere ‘Uno’, followed the next day with ‘Mijo’. From there a new episode is added to Netflix each Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, over in America BCS broadcasts a few hours earlier – Monday nights on AMC.

Starring Bob Odenkirk as struggling lawyer Jimmy McGill, Better Call Saul is set seven years prior to the characters first Breaking Bad appearance. As season 1 gets underway we watch Jimmy try to make an honest living, defending anyone who’ll take him on, with relatively little financial reward.

Unable to support both himself and his sick brother Chuck, Jimmy sees an opportunity to make some much needed cash – Slippin’ Jimmy style. Inspired by how he used to take deliberate falls on the ice as a youth in order to make lucrative compensation claims, we soon start to witness the evolution from hard-working honest lawyer James McGill, into ‘criminal’ lawyer Saul Goodman.

Despite BCS being a prequel to Breaking Bad, episode 1 actually began with an extended flash forward to post-BB times. There we got a look at Saul, or Gene as he’s now known, following his relocation and change of identity. No longer a TV and billboard advertised lawyer, Gene now works as a manager at his local Cinnabon restaurant. Losing his hair, sporting a new moustache and fond of the odd alcoholic beverage, Gene can only keep a low profile and dream of the Saul Goodman glory days.