‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Now Worlds 6th Most Viewed YouTube Channel

Susan Boyle - Photo by Wasforgas (Via Wikimedia Commons)

Susan Boyle – Photo by Wasforgas

Having received 36 million views during last week alone, the Britain’s Got Talent official YouTube channel is now the sites 6th most viewed worldwide.

At the time of writing this, the BGT channel has currently pulled in an insanely high 1,767,051,757 views, with 2,190,798 users subscribing.

Although Susan Boyle’s first audition where she sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ has been viewed hundreds of millions of times, the official BGT channels upload only accounts for just over 9 million. Susan’s rendition from the live final currently stands at 23 million.

So what’s the most viewed video on the ITV shows YouTube channel? Surprisingly it’s not any of the series winners or runners up, but in fact Natalie Okri from 2009. The then 10-year-old’s first round audition where she sang Alicia Keys’ ‘No One’, has now notched up a massive 78,544,714 views on the official channel alone.

Natalie ended up losing out to eventual series 3 winners Diversity, in the live semi-final judges vote.

The Britain’s Got Talent YouTube Channel’s Current Top 10 Videos

1) Natalie Okri (2009 Singer) – 78,544,714

2) Jonathan & Charlotte (2012 Opera Duo) – 46,994,424

3) Ronan Parke (2011 SInger) – 34,990,707

4) Attraction (2013 Shadow Act) – 31,653,578

5) Mr Methane (2009 Novelty Act) – 30,592,950

6) Michael Collings (2011 Singer) – 26,469,471

7) Hayashi (2010 Danger Act) – 26,367,384

8) Ryan O’Shaughnessy (2012 Singer) – 25,509,148

9) Susan Boyle (2009 Singer) – 23,586,832

10) Tobias Mead (2010 Dancer) – 23,386,003

Virtually all the videos in the top 10 were filmed at the acts original first round audition, with only one series winner even making the list. Despite the show being well known for discovering new and unique dance acts, only Tobias Mead from 2010 makes it into the 10 most popular performances.

These huge viewing figures prove that BGT is truly a global brand, drawing in fans from all over the world. The numbers show that the most popular performers now get watched more online than during the original UK television broadcast.

Clearly the acts from a few years ago have an advantage, having been online for much longer. But with 2014 illusionist Darcy Oake’s amazing first round audition having already racked up over 15 million views and Paddy & Nico’s electric ballroom boasting 18 million, it shows how quickly things can change these days when a video goes truly viral.