Rock Night on Channel 4: Programme Lineup

Anyone tired of the constant pop based reality shows that wouldn’t understand true rock if it staged dived right on them? Wanna see less Sharron and more Ozzy? Tired of watching singers who’ll only throw their mic stand down because their choreographer told them to?

Well if your answer to any of that was yes, then for one night Channel 4 have just the antidote you’ve been looking for. As this Sunday night on Channel 4 is Rock Night!

10:10pm to 11:10pm: Hosted by Alice Cooper, the night’s entertainment will kick off with 50 Years of Rock Excess – Amps, Whips and Rebel Riffs. This rockumentary takes a look back at the history of rock, including how the decade of the 70’s ended up changing the music genre for ever. The programme which features interviews with stars such as Andrew WK, Josh Homme and Alice Cooper himself, will feature the kinds of tales and anecdotes that could only be born from the world of rock.

11:10pm to 12:05am: Queens of the Stone Age – iTunes Festival Special. Hosted by Lauren Laverne, Channel 4 broadcast the bands live performance from the 2013 iTunes Festival at London’s Roundhouse.

12:05am to 1:10am: Taking things up a level to finish the night off, viewers are taken back to 1986, for Queen Live at Wembley Stadium, with extended highlights of the groups ‘Magic Tour’ concert. Back in the days when Freddie and the guys were at the peek of their popularity, following the previous years Live Aid performance.

OK not much of a lineup if your not a Queens of the Stone Age or Queen fan, but the opening documentary should at least be worth a watch.