‘Chasing Shadows’ ITV Cast List, Trailer and TV Air Date Released

Chasing Shadows Cast List, Trailer and Air Date Details.

Chasing Shadows is a new four-part ITV drama, set in a missing persons field

unit which tracks down serial killers who prey on the vulnerable. The series will be made up of 2 two-part stories: Episodes 1 and 2 titled ‘Only Connect’, and episodes 3 and 4 titled ‘Off Radar’.

Air Date

ITV have now officially released the start date and time for Chasing Shadows, with episode 1 premiering on Thursday 4 September, 2014, at 9:00pm.


Lead Cast List

Character – Actor/Actress

DS Sean Stone – Reece Shearsmith (The Widower, Inside No 9, Psychoville, The League of Gentleman)

Ruth Hattersley – Alex Kingston (Doctor Who, Upstairs Downstairs, Marchlands, ER)

DI Carl Prior – Noel Clarke (Doctor Who, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet)

CS Harley Drayton – Don Warrington (Death In Paradise, New Street Law, The Crouches, Rising Damp)

Angela Bale – Adjoa Andoh (Casualty, Law & Order: UK, Doctor Who, Missing)

Maggie Hattersley – Lynda Baron (Open All Hours, Fat Friends, Come Outside, EastEnders)

Bryn Hattersley – Alfie Field

Alex Wernley – Nicholas Gleaves (Scott & Bailey, Survivors, The Chase, Playing the Field)

Dr Ellesmere – Susan Lynch (Monroe, Ambassadors, Bodies, Common)

Donna Davis – Nadine Marshall (Old Jack’s Boat, The Spa, Hounded, The Smoking Room)

Leonard Vance – Paul Ritter (Friday Night Dinner, Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like ThisMapp and Lucia, Vera)

Kay Amos – Lorraine Stanley (Mayday)

John Meadows – Elliott Tittensor (Shameless, True Dare Kiss)

Character Biographies

DS Sean Stone has little self-awareness. He struggles with social interaction, and prefers being alone to keeping company. He doesn’t understand etiquette and social niceties – for him they’re not only a waste of time, they are duplicitous. Consequently, he sometimes comes across as insensitive He has a tendency to interrupt and blurt things out, sharing ideas as soon as they are formed. That’s the way his mind works: tangential, abrupt transitions; literal; pedantic. He doesn’t follow other people’s humour – sarcasm and irony are lost on him. Sean’s never been officially diagnosed, but he is in fact at the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum.

Ruth Hattersley is a highly experienced analyst with the national Missing Persons Bureau.. She advises the police on their missing persons investigations. Ruth’s a natural optimist and believes people are inherently good. Gregarious, maternal and incurably nosy, she is a people person. She’s genuinely interested in how others feel about and see the world; and this natural curiosity has helped her attain a psychology masters and to become one of the Home Office’s most valued missing persons experts.

DI Carl Prior grew up on a tough South London estate. In his neighbourhood, crime wasn’t something you read about in the papers: it was his everyday reality. Muggings, gangs, selling drugs… Many of the kids he went to school found themselves on the wrong side of the law from their early teens. A few of them never made it to their 18th birthday.