Posh Contestant Chloe Jasmine sings ‘Black Coffee’ – X Factor 2014 Room Audition

Full YouTube Audition Video with Judges Comments

One of the most memorable performances from the first week of X Factor 2014 room auditions had to be the ultra-posh Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, singing ‘Black Coffee’.

Despite first simply stating she comes from England, it turns out this 23-year-old model lives more specifically in Sussex. Here’s what the panel had to say about Chloe’s performance:

Judges Comments

Louis: “Chloe, you know what, I love your style, I love you vocal, darling I thought you were fabulous.”

Simon: “I really like you. Your unusual, a bit kookie, but you’ve got a really cool, authentic, bluesy, throwback voice.”

Cheryl: “I felt like I was like, in the forties, in a jazz bar. Yeah your like mesmerizing.”

Mel: “I think your awesome from head to toe and your voice is unique, and I would like to talk like you one day.”

With all the judges now on her side, Chloe progresses to the arena auditions, where she’ll sing for a place at bootcamp.