Comedy Playhouse Sitcom ‘Miller’s Mountain’ Airs this May on BBC One

Jules (SHARON ROONEY), Jimmy Miller (JIMMY CHISHOLM) and Conor (KEVIN GUTHRIE) - Image Credit: BBC/Andy Peebles

Jules (SHARON ROONEY), Jimmy (JIMMY CHISHOLM) and Conor (KEVIN GUTHRIE) in the sitcom ‘Miller’s Mountain’ – Image Credit: BBC/Andy Peebles

Airing on BBC One at 10:40pm on Tuesday the 6th of May, 2014, ‘Miller’s Mountain’ is a new comedy based around the antics of a ragtag family of Mountain Rescue volunteers.

When the naive and enthusiastic Conor (Kevin Guthrie) reports for his first day of volunteering, Jimmy Miller (Jimmy Chisholm), the shambolic old rescue hand, takes it upon himself to teach him the ways of the hills.

Conor’s training starts at the ‘Busted Femur’ pub where he’s introduced to no-nonsense barmaid Jules (Sharon Rooney) and fellow rescuer Bill, who boasts somewhat questionable social skills. And if that wasn’t enough to contend with, Conor later meets Bernie (Kathryn Howden), the team’s head of operations and a woman who’s happy in her work to the point of delirium.

When it comes time for the actual mountain rescuing though, things go from bad to worse, to even worse than that.

Preview Video: New boy Conor gets off on the wrong foot during his first rescue:

Miller’s Mountain BBC Cast List

Character – Actor/Actress

Jimmy Miller – Jimmy Chisholm

Jules – Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary)

Conor – Kevin Guthrie

Bill – David Ireland

Bernie – Kathryn Howden

Ronnie – Jonathan Watson

Also starring Benidorm actress Sheila Reid.