‘Deadly Islands’ with Dave Salmoni starts this May on Discovery UK

Deadly Island - Starts the 1st of May on Discovery

Deadly Island – Starts the 1st of May on Discovery

Next month see’s the start of a brand-new extreme wildlife series on the Discovery Channel UK.

Premiering at 9:00pm on Thursday, 1 May, 2014, ‘Deadly Islands’ will feature renowned zoologist behavior expert Dave Salmoni visiting some of the world’s most remote islands to investigate just how and why their inhabitants have become so successful at surviving, despite such harsh conditions.

From the people who brought you the award-winning natural history series ‘Planet Earth’, Deadly Islands see’s Dave test his skills to the absolute limit as he lives alongside some of the worlds fiercest predators.

In this six-part series, Salmoni travels to such dangerous locations as Rangiroa’s ‘Shark Island’ and ‘Devil’s Island’ in Coiba. Dave gets up close and personal with the likes of the killer whale, the grizzly bear, the vampire bat and many more feared predators who have evolved to dominate their environment.

Featuring great adventures and stunning visuals, Deadly Islands takes a unique documentary approach, blending the brilliance of a traditional natural history series with an amazing investigative twist.

Here’s a look at the shows dramatic new trailer: