‘From There To Here’ BBC Drama Cast List, Air Date and Trailer

Lee (LEON HARROP), Ryan (BEN RYAN DAVIES), Joanne (LIZ WHITE) and Daniel (PHILIP GLENISTER) - Image Credit: BBC/Kudos/Robert Viglasky

Lee (LEON HARROP), Ryan (BEN RYAN DAVIES), Joanne (LIZ WHITE) and Daniel (PHILIP GLENISTER) – Image Credit: BBC/Kudos/Robert Viglasky

This new three-part BBC One drama tells the epic story of a city, an era and a man whose life is changed forever by the events of one summer day.

From There To Here begins in June of 1996, on the day that an IRA bomb exploded, destroying much of Manchester’s City Centre. With England united behind the national team, this was the same summer of the Euro ’96 football championships.

The series brings viewers the story of two families from different sides of the tracks, whose lives are brought together in the aftermath of the bomb. From this point, the story spans four years that changed Manchester and England forever, charting the tragic and comic misadventures of these families as the city rebuilds.

Over the 3×1 hour episodes, the story is told against the backdrop of a great north-west city which reinvents itself in the face of adversity.

When does From There To Here start on BBC One?

The series air date and time has now been officially confirmed as 9:00pm to 10:00pm on Thursday, 22 May, 2014 on BBC One. As always, if you miss any of the episodes, catch-up will be available online via BBC iPlayer.

Samuel (BERNARD HILL) and Robbo (STEVEN MACKINTOSH) - Image Credit: BBC/Kudos/Robert Viglasky

Samuel (BERNARD HILL) and Robbo (STEVEN MACKINTOSH) – Image Credit: BBC/Kudos/Robert Viglasky

From There To Here Lead Cast List

Character – Actor/Actress (Previous Work)

Daniel Cotton – Philip Glenister (Ashes to Ashes, Mad Dogs)

Samuel – Bernard Hill (Lord Of The Rings, Five Days)

Claire – Saskia Reeves (Wallander, Luther)

Charlie – Daniel Rigby (Eric And Ernie, BT Adverts)

Louise – Morven Christie (Hunted, 2012)

Robbo – Steven Mackintosh (Luther, What Remains)

Joanne – Liz White (The Woman In Black, Life On Mars)

Newell – Ben Batt (Shameless)

Ryan – Ben Ryan Davies (Rough Diamond)

Peter – Chris Jordan

Lee – Leon Harrop

Stapleton – Vincent Regan (300, Empire, Strike Back, Scott & Bailey, Hit & Miss, The MusketeersAtlantis Season 2)

Additional Cast by Episode of First Appearance

Episode 1

Stevie – Craig Fitzpatrick

Matilda – Claire Cooper

Caroline – Portia Victoria

Paramedic 1 – Katie Fry

Paramedic 2 – Ash Tandon

Young Policeman – Garry Graham Smith

Episode 2

Policeman – Andy Sykes

DI Graves – Ace Bhatti

Receptionist – Siri Ellis

Nurse – Perveen Hussain

Consultant – Jeff Alexander

Episode 3

Fliss – Simone Clark

Martin – Neil Ashton

Edie – Sara Kestelman

From There To Here Trailer

Who sings the theme tune used on the shows trailer?

The music used on the above BBC advert is ‘Made Of Stone’ by Manchester band, The Stone Roses. The song comes from the bands self-titled album ‘The Stone Roses’, which was originally released in 1989.

The song at the beginning of episode 1 is also by The Stone Roses and from the same album, this time their 1991 release ‘I Wanna Be Adored’.

Where is From There To Here filmed?

As well as being set in Manchester during the mid to late 90’s, producers also chose to use the modern day city as the location for filming the television series.

When asked: What does it mean to you filming in Manchester? Lead actor Philip Glenister said: “I know that Peter says it’s “a love letter to Manchester,” which I think is very true. For my own personal point of view I’ve done so much work in Manchester it’s been an incredibly important and significant city in my career. I haven’t been back for a few years since I finished filming I think Life On Mars. So it’s lovely to be back. What’s extraordinary is each time I come back, even though it’s been about six years now, how much the city evolves and changes in time. It feels like my adoptive second city.”

Episode Guide – Original Air Date

Episode 1/3 – 22/5/2014

When caught up in the 1996 bomb blast which transformed Manchester forever, Daniel Cotton is changed too. He becomes restless and reckless, and embarks on a double life which might blow his world apart all over again.

It’s Saturday morning on the day England take on Scotland at Wembley in the Euro ’96 Football Championships. In the heart of Manchester, Daniel is trying to build bridges between his dad, Samuel and brother Robbo. But when the IRA detonate a bomb which decimates the city centre, their peace negotiations are cut short as their lives are changed forever.

Episode 2/3 – 29/5/2014

May 1997. As election fever hits the country, Daniel’s double life is beginning to catch up with him. Only Robbo knows his brothers secret, but even he can’t understand how Daniel is able to lie so easily to the people he loves most. Daniel justifies it to himself through the bombing. Ever since that day, one life just hasn’t felt like enough.

Robbo has his own problems to worry about when a mysterious new bouncer, Stapleton, turns up at Robbo’s brand-new club, and starts to turn the screws. Meanwhile, Charlie forges ahead with his plans for the family business. But while Samuel is impressed, Daniel and Louise feel Charlie is meddling in tradition.

Episode 3/3 – 5/6/2014

Lying in a hospital bed, Daniel opens his eyes to his worst nightmare, as suddenly all his lies collide and the truth about his double life finally emerges. But while Daniel’s secrets may now be out in the open, the rest of the family still have plenty more up their sleeves.

Charlie is out of his depth playing property developer with the family firm’s money, Robbo risks losing his club, plus Louise’s Labour seat could come under threat if the truth about her private life is revealed. Meanwhile, Samuel has a 50-year-old secret which threatens to blow Daniel’s life apart yet again. Can the family survive more lies?