Will Gogglebox families feature on I’m a Celebrity 2014 lineup?

With Gogglebox quickly becoming Channel 4’s flagship show and its families now TV stars in their own right, could we see ITV signing any cast members up for I’m a Celebrity in 2014?

Though series 1 of Gogglebox proved popular among Channel 4 viewers, the shows second season in 2013 has proven to be a huge, and somewhat unexpected hit. After all these years, it turns out there’s one thing the British public prefer to watching television: watching other people watch television.

It seem’s us Brits love to judge and laugh at people on telly, judging and laughing at people on telly. With characters such as ‘The Posh Couple’ and others I don’t know how to describe, fans have quickly taken the GB cast to their hearts. Simply for sitting (or lying) there and telling everyone what they really think of today’s TV shows.

I also find the programme acts as a guide for filtering out the good telly from the bad, without having to wast time watching all the rubbish yourself. Thanks to Gogglebox I avoided wasting my time watching shows like ‘Sex Box’ or ‘Up All Night’, having already seen them utterly slated. I’d still like to see a special show though where all the families are filmed watching previous GB episodes, just to see what they think of each other.

No doubt the reality series popularity won’t have gone unnoticed by ITV producers, so when it comes around to announcing the I’m a Celebrity 2014 cast list, don’t be surprised to see one or two GB characters in there. After all, in a perfect world, who wouldn’t wanna see the posh couple (with alcohol) or some of the other cast members spend a few weeks in the Australian jungle?