Hair: BBC Three’s Reality Hairdressing Contestant Lineup and Start Date Revealed

BBC Three's HAIR: Host Steve Jones, the Judges and contestants - Image Credit: BBC. Photographer: Pete Dadds

BBC Three’s HAIR: Host Steve Jones, the Judges and contestants – Image Credit: BBC. Photographer: Pete Dadds

The official contestant lineup has now been revealed for BBC Three’s brand new show, Hair.

Over six, 1 hour episodes, we’ll see eight hopefuls compete, as the series attempts to uncover the best new talent in UK amateur hair styling. I guess you can think of it as the Great British Style Off.

The start date for Hair has now been confirmed by the BBC as Tuesday, 25 February at 9:00pm.

Taking part in the competition will be:

Ebuni Ajiduah – 24-year-old Ebuni works as a secondary school teacher and is also a part-time salon trainee. She specializes in experimental Afro hairstyles and classic up dos.

Katie Crompton – This mum of two previously pursued a career in the world of fashion design, and is currently studying part time. Katie loves using big bold styles and shapes.

Annie Davies – 24 from Barnsley, Annie works as an intensive care nurse. In the little spare time available, she experiments with hair and runs her own hair and beauty blog.

Marvin Francis – 25-year-old Marvin specializes in braids, extensions and weaves and even makes his own wigs.

Laura Hollowell – 25 from Northampton, Laura loves the vintage style and currently works for a theatre as a wig and wardrobe supervisor.

Dominika Kasperowicz – 29 and originally from Poland, Dominika moved to England eight years ago and likes to create super-sculpted styles that stand out.

Kobi Kirby – 16-year-old Kobi had wanted to become a hairdresser since the age of 10. His hairdressing mum has apparently now taught this apprentice everything she knows.

Amy Tombling – 22 from Middlesbrough, Amy is a beauty therapist and self-taught bridal hairstylist.

Starting soon on BBC Three, the series will be hosted by Steve Jones.