Human Universe: Brian Cox New 2014 BBC Two Science Series

Plant Earth - NASA Image

The BBC today officially announced details of their new science documentary Human Universe, which will be hosted by Professor Brian Cox.

In his biggest series since Wonders of Life, Brian returns to our screens as he attempts to answer some of life and the universe’s biggest questions. From the point of view of the human race, the Professor ponders the age old queries of are we alone in the universe, who are we and why are we here, and what will the future hold for Earth’s inhabitants.

Brian also talks about how, from our small and seemingly insignificant planet, orbiting just one of the universe’s estimated septillion (that’s a 1 followed by 24 zeros) stars, we’ve looked out into the depths of space and asked these big questions.

Fortunately for science and documentary fans, Human Universe won’t be another of these brief two or three part mini-series which seem to be popular these days. This time viewers will be treated to a full-fat five-60 minute episodes, giving the subject matter the time it both needs and deserves.

Having the likes of Richard Hammond covering the basics is all well and good, but if you really want to fire-up those brain cells, you can’t beat Professors Brian Cox or Jim Al-Khalili.

We’ll bring you more information on Human Universe as soon as we have it, along with the shows official BBC Two start date when announced.

Update: Titled ‘Apeman Spaceman’, episode 1 is scheduled to air at 9:00pm on Tuesday 7 October, 2014.


The song used in the advert is Johnny Cash’s cover of the U2 classic ‘One’.

Episode 1 Preview Clip