BBC Three Release ‘In The Flesh’ Season 2, Episode 1 Preview Clip

Simon Monroe (Emmett J Scanlan) in Episode 1 of 'In The Flesh' Series 2 - Image Credit: BBC/Des Willie

Simon Monroe (Emmett J Scanlan) in Episode 1 of ‘In The Flesh’ Series 2 – Image Credit: BBC/Des Willie

Ahead of its premiere this weekend, BBC Three today released this extended preview clip (below) from episode 1 of ‘In The Flesh’ season 2.

In the video, Kieren (Luke Newberry) is not happy when he discovers Amy’s new beau, Simon (Emmett J Scanlan), sitting on his gravestone.

Series 2 of In The Flesh rejoins Kieren as tensions increase between them and the living. As things progresses, we follow Kieren, his friends and family, as he wrestles with his identity, as well as his beliefs and those of others. One thing is for certain though, a quiet life is not an option.

In the wider world, fear is in the air, provoked by the radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, and extremism linked to the Undead Liberation Army. Scarier still, there are whispers about a Second Rising.

Starting at 10:00pm on Sunday the 4th of May, 2014, the new series of this supernatural drama will air over six, 1 hour episodes.

In The Flesh Season 2 Cast

From its critically acclaimed creator Dominic Mitchell, In The Flesh is a post-zombie uprising drama starring Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker and Emily Bevan as Amy Dyer. The television series is based around zombies that have been medicated and returned to society, classed as ‘Partially Deceased Syndrome’ sufferers.