iPhone X TV Ad Music – ‘Unlock With A Look’ Face ID

What’s the latest iPhone X advert music? – Watch the full video, plus get all the song and artist details to Apple’s new ‘Unlock With A Look’ YouTube and TV commercial for the iPhoneX’s Face ID technology.

Song: Bang Bang.

Artist: Pete Cannon.

Stream and download links: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon UK & Amazon.com.

Apple’s new TV and internet ad for their iPhone X shows a girl walking through school, shocked to discover she can unlock anything, just by looking at it.

Designed to demonstrate how the latest iPhone X can be unlocked using just a glance, this particular user also has the power to blow open lockers, desks, doors, cars and pretty much anything else in her path.

Recorded especially for this TV ad by Pete Cannon, but now also released for download, the song playing here is titled ‘Bang Bang’.

The track samples a tune called ‘Meri Nazar Hai Tujh Pe’, which originally appeared on the soundtrack to 1980 Indian Bollywood action film The Burning Train.

Apple launched the above ‘Unlock’ commercial on 16 March, 2018.