Is The Voice UK’s Country Singer Mike Ward Set for Success in America?

The Voice UK - Mike Ward

Country Singer Mike Ward Performing on The Voice UK – Photographer: Guy Levy. Image Copyright: BBC

Could The Voice UK’s Mike Ward be destined for a record deal and stardom in the US regardless of the result in Saturday nights live final?

In a change to the seemingly endless supply of generic pop wannabes that usually make up these talent shows, this years series of The Voice has brought a breath of fresh air to UK screens in the form of British country music singer Mike Ward.

Though he may speak with a Northern-English accent and dress more like a rapper, there’s no arguing his singing voice sounds like an authentic American country star.

The fact Mike has made it to the 2013 live final of The Voice UK shows there’s a demand in Britain for a home grown country vocalist. But given the massive popularity of the music genre in the US, the 23 year old could have a big future ahead of him on both sides of the Atlantic.

Not only has the Salford native done a great job of performing traditional country songs on the show, he’s also successfully put a country spin on tracks such as the Bruno Mars single ‘When I Was Your Man’ below:

Any potential success in America though will come down to whether fans there consider him a great country singer for a Brit, or simply a great country singer.

But even if Nashville doesn’t come calling, Mike Ward’s uniqueness in British music should surely give him the opportunity for some success in his home country, especially among older music fans.¬†Plus who knows, the Team Tom singer could even spark an interest in country music with younger listeners too.