Jonathan Creek 2014 Cast List and Episode Guide (Series 5)

Polly Creek (SARAH ALEXANDER), Jonathan Creek (ALAN DAVIES) - Image Credit: BBC/John Rogers

Lead Johnathan Creek 2014 cast members: Polly Creek (played by actress Sarah Alexander) with Jonathan Creek (played by Alan Davies) – Image Credit: BBC/John Rogers

This is the full list of cast and characters for series 5 of Jonathan Creek, which originally ran for 3 episodes on BBC One from Friday the 28th of February till Friday the 14th of March, 2014.

Jonathan Creek – Alan Davies

Polly Creek – Sarah Alexander

Hazel Prosser – Paula Wilcox

Sharon – Raquel Cassidy

Ridley – Kieran Hodgson

Zelda Niedlespascher – Marianne Borgo

Juno Pirelli – Ali Bastian

Christophe Holtz – Simon Thomas

Angus – Ross Armstrong

Rachel – Alice O’Connell

Darryl – Rhydian Jones

Mr Partridge – Roy Sampson

Ripley – Liberty Nichols-O’Connell

Horace Greeley – John Bird

Rev Hugh Chater – James Bachman

Alison Chater – Selina Griffiths

Leonard Corbyn – Michael Troughton

Captain Ian Amery Cooper – John Voce

Mr Eric Ipswich – David Gant

Warwick – Jarred Christmas

Young Eric Ipswich – Adam Grayson

Crispin Gilpin – Tim Faraday

Young Polly – Ella Purton

Polly’s Mother – Chloe Buswell

The Sandman – John Walters

Denise – Josie Lawrence

Heidi Greeley – June Whitfield

Laurel Greeley – June Whitfield

Lindsey Isherwood – Elizabeth Conboy

Daisy Shand – Melanie Gray

Karl – Teddy Nicholas

Ethan – Uriel Emil

Rowan Isherwood – Daniel Osgerby

Kevin – Dar Dash

DCI Karren Adams – Caroline Lee Johnson

Dean – Mark Flitton


Director – David Sant

Producer – Rosemary McGowan

Executive Producer – David Renwick

Executive Producer – Pete Thornton

Writer – David Renwick


Episode 1 – The Letters of Septimus Noone

When a classic novel is turned into a West End musical, one of the shows stars falls victim to a real-life ‘impossible crime’.

Episode 2 – The Sinner and the Sandman

A retired psychic inadvertently makes the most amazing and impossible prediction of their career.

Episode 3 – The Curse of the Bronze Lamp

A wealthy kidnap victim seemingly achieves the mind-boggling act of teleportation in order to alert the police to her whereabouts.