Jonathan Creek Series 5: 2014 Start Date and Preview Trailer

Polly Creek (SARAH ALEXANDER), Jonathan Creek (ALAN DAVIES) - Image Credit: BBC/John Rogers

Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) with wife Polly (Sarah Alexander) – Series 5 – Image Credit: BBC/John Rogers

The BBC have confirmed the start date for series 5 of Jonathan Creek as 9:00pm on Friday, 28 February, 2014 on BBC One.

Episode 1 ‘The Letters of Septimus Noone’ see’s the star of a West End musical become the victim of a real-world ‘impossible crime’.

Events at the theatre take a sinister turn when the productions singing star is discovered stabbed inside her locked dressing room, from were it appears no attacker could have made an escape. While the actress fights for her life, no further evidence of there having been an intruder can be found.

With his own personal issues to deal with, can the newly married Jonathan Creek be convinced to take on this baffling case?

While we wait for the new series to begin, here’s a look at the newly released preview trailer:

Season 5 stars Alan Davies as Jonathan and Sarah Alexander as Polly Creek.