Katarina Johnson-Thompson Müllerlight Advert

British heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson stars in a new TV advert for Müllerlight Greek Style Yogurt.

Replacing those regular actresses from earlier Müller ads here is Olympian track and field competitor Katarina Johnson-Thompson, or KJT for short.

Given that Muller are advertising a light fat-free yogurt, I suppose having a lean, world-class athlete like KJT endorsing your product makes sense. But given the antics going on in the ad and those over the top “Fat free?!” reactions, it’s hard to take any of these Muller videos remotely seriously.

But if you’re one of the seemingly many people who find these adverts annoying or even sexist, look at it this way, this new 2018 release should at least replace that older ‘Potter’ one.