King Louis’ mother returns in ‘The Exiles’ – The Musketeers Episode 6 Preview

The Musketeers: Queen Anne (ALEXANDRA DOWLING) and King Louis (RYAN GAGE) - Image Credit: BBC/Dusan Martincek

Queen Anne, played by actress Alexandra Dowling and King Louis, played by actor Ryan Gage, in Episode 6 of The Muskteers BBC TV series – Image Credit: BBC/Dusan Martincek

The Musketeers 2014, Episode 6 Preview: The Exiles

D’Artagnan and Aramis are tasked with accompanying a young lady and her child as they travel to the palace from the outskirts of Paris. But when they fail in their duties and the baby is abducted, the pair must discover who the woman really is and why her son was targeted.

Meanwhile, Louis and Queen Anne get a surprise when the kings banished mother, Marie de Medici, returns in search of protection from an unidentified assassin.

With their services stretched, The Musketeers must now carry out the duties of defending the royal family, while also fighting to protect the woman and her baby.

Here’s the latest BBC trailer for The Exiles:

Episode 6 of The Musketeers airs at 9:00pm on Sunday, 2 March, 2014 on BBC One.