Let’s Get Ready to Tumble: BBC’s New Reality Series to Feature Celebrity Cast

If you thought ITV’s Dancing on Ice pushed its celebrity casts hard, wait till you see BBC One’s upcoming series, Let’s Get Ready to Tumble. Though its name may yet change, the shows premise has now been officially confirmed by the Beeb.

As you’d expect, this reality series will feature a typical lineup of celeb contestants. But rather than trying their hands at ice skating, singing, diving or ballroom dancing, their challenge will be gymnastics. The brand new show which will feature complete novices trained up to the best of their abilities, is scheduled to air Saturday nights on BBC One.

Louis Smith and Beth Tweddle - Photo by Jim Thurston (Source BaldBoris - Wikimedia Commons)

Celebs will be looking to emulate the moves of Olympians Louis Smith and Beth Tweddle – Photo by Jim Thurston (Source BaldBoris – Wikimedia Commons)

Coaching the brave contestants will be the same trainers responsible for British Olympic medal winning gymnasts Beth Tweddle and Louis Smith. Then once up to speed the cast will be teamed up with top class gymnasts from around the world.

However, just when you think you’ve got it all worked out, Let’s Get Ready to Tumble has a little twist lined up. Producers haven’t gone down the easy and predictable route of simply implementing traditional competitive disciplines. Be it to spice things up or to compensate for the celebs physical limitations, the series will feature unique gymnastic events, never seen before.

Given the inherent difficulty of gymnastics, it’s hard to see the likes of Ann Widdecombe or Johnny Ball donning the Lycra for this one. With the cast list expected to include representatives from the worlds of music and TV, it’s surely the younger, fitter celebrities who’ll possess the competitive edge.

Though an official start date has yet to be announced, being a prime-time Saturday night reality series, it’s unlikely to premiere before series 3 of The Voice has finished in late spring, 2014.