Actress Maimie McCoy talks about her Musketeers character Milady de Winter

Image Credit: BBC/Larry Horricks

Milady (MAIMIE MCCOY) and Cardinal Richelieu (PETER CAPALDI), The Musketeers – Image Credit: BBC/Larry Horricks

In this short video, actress Maimie McCoy discusses the character Milady de Winter, who she currently plays in the BBC’s new drama, The Musketeers.

During the interview, Maimie describes Milady as being “The cardinals secret weapon” and “an assassin”. “She often has to kill people, that’s part of the job. I don’t think she thinks too much about that.”

Within the first few episodes, we’ve already seen the femme fatale romantically involved with Raul Mendoza (David Verrey), Musketeer Athos (Tom Burke) and d’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino). Thus far things haven’t gone too well for the men in her life, with Athos and d’Artagnan seemingly yet to learn of the others relationships.

Despite having clearly taken a liking to the young d’Artagnan, now working for Cardinal Richelieu, de Winter is set on discrediting The Musketeers.