Manhunt: New series with Joel Lambert comes to the Discovery Channel

Manhunt airs on Discovery Channel, from Thursday 13th February at 9pm

Manhunt airs on Discovery Channel, from Thursday 13th February at 9pm

This Thursday on Discovery UK see’s the start of Manhunt with Joel Lambert, a brand new survival documentary with a difference.

Unlike the usual Bear Grylls, Man vs Wild style of show, Manhunt gives viewers an insight into how elite military personnel go about surviving while actively evading capture.

During this 6-part series, Joel Lambert will pit his skills against the worlds best teams of trackers. Given what appears to be a near impossible task, the Ex-Navy SEAL must elude his pursuers for up to 48 hours, while making his way to a pre-determined extraction location.

You’ll see, how under the constant threat of capture, many of the traditional survival techniques such as lighting fires and food sourcing must be compromised. With the need to keep on the move, Manhunt features more of a focus on the priority of remaining illusive, than the usual basics of survival.

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In episode 1, Joel travels to Limpopo in South Africa, where he’s tasked with moving 25 km north across a protected game reserve. With only a basic survival kit and no fire arms, Lambert will be tracked every step of the way by the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, who don’t take kindly to intruders.

But with the 280 acre reserve home to over 50 species of wild animals, including lions and hyenas, the IAPF aren’t the only ones Joel must keep an eye out for. With the odds stacked high against him, will the ex-SEAL stand any chance of escape?

Episode 1 of Manhunt premieres on Thursday, 13 February, at 9:00pm on Discovery.