Will Miley Cyrus Get Booed In X Factor UK 2013 Performance?

Boo’s and letters of complaint at the ready as Miley Cyrus takes to the X Factor UK stage, expected to sing Wrecking Ball in tonight’s results show.

With the X Factors Sunday night episodes now seemingly seeking out controversy, tonight’s guest could bring proceedings to a whole new low.

After Lady Gaga’s flesh fest of a performance earlier this series already triggered a flood of complaints, how far will Miss Cyrus dare to go on stage tonight. It could be argued the likes of Gaga and Rihanna in previous years have gotten away with their raunchy routines due to their massive worldwide popularity and talent, but I’m not sure the same holds true for Miley.

Since her unsightly antics at the 2013 VMA’s which was followed up by the infamous video for her song Wrecking Ball, the former Hannah Montana star appears to now be living off pure controversy, with little sign of talent.

In their currently losing battle with Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings war, ITV and the X Factor appear to be getting increasing desperate to bring in the viewers. Going for the old ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ approach.

With many parents in particular taking offence to the singers recent behavior and attitude, it’ll be most interesting to see whether or not tonight’s audience members choose to voice their disapproval during or after Miss Cyrus performance. Could the US pop star become the first X Factor special guest in history to get booed off stage? Also,will we see the standard and likely contractually obliged, four judge standing ovation?

Anticipating this kind of frosty reception though, the 20 year old may decide to dodge the complaints by covering up and going back to her more wholesome, innocent roots.

As you can see, we chose not to include the Wrecking Ball video which has now received over 325 million views on YouTube. Choosing to post a rather more family friendly example of Cyrus’ work instead.