Mr Selfridge Season 2 Cast List (2014 TV Series)

Here’s the Mr Selfridge cast list for series 2, which includes all currently known actors and actresses with a named role in the 2014 season:

Actor/Actress – Character’s Name

Jeremy Piven – Harry Selfridge

Frances O’Connor – Rose Selfridge

Aisling Loftus – Agnes Towler

Tom Goodman-Hill – Roger Grove

Greg Austin – Gordon Selfridge (New actor)

Katherine Kelly – Lady Mae Loxley

Aidan McArdle – Lord Loxley (New)

Alfie Boe – Richard Chapman (New)

Ron Cook – Mr. Crabb

Amanda Abbington – Miss Mardle

Amy Beth Hayes – Kitty Hawkins

Trystan Gravelle – Victor Colleano

Crystal Leaity – Gabriella (New)

Samuel West – Frank Edwards

Philip Rosch – Detective Webb (New)

Calum Callaghan – George Towler

Eliza Jones – Elsie

Victor Gardener – Jim (New)

Gina Bramhill – Cissy Spender (New)

Cal Macaninch – Mr. Thackeray (New)

Jack Fox – Jeremy Richardson (New)

Andrea Deck – Mabel Normand (New)

Polly Walker – Delphine Day (New)

Iain McKee – Arnold Huxton (New)

Sean Teale – Franco (New)

Episode 1 of Mr Selfridge series 2 premieres in the UK on ITV at 9:00pm on Sunday the 19th of January, 2014.