The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song: Top 20 Results and Winner

If your wondering which song was voted The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song, here’s the full results list from the ITV music special.

Spoiler warning, if you haven’t yet watched the show and don’t want to know which song won, best stop reading now.

Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock

Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock

With tracks that would’ve been the highlight of most artists careers not even making the list, in the eyes of the mainstream these are truly the best of the best. So in reverse order, here’s the complete top 20 as they were revealed:

20. King Creole 1958

19. If I Can Dream 1969

18. Don’t Be Cruel 1956

17. Viva Las Vegas 1964

16. Heartbreak Hotel 1956

15. An American Trilogy 1972

14. It’s Now or Never 1960

13. All Shook Up 1957

12. Blue Suede Shoes 1956

11. The Wonder of You 1970

10. Are You Lonesome Tonight 1961

9. Return to Sender 1962

8. Love Me Tender 1956

7. Hound Dog 1956

6. Jailhouse Rock 1958

5. A Little Less Conversation 1968/2002

4. In The Ghetto 1969

3. Can’t Help Falling In Love 1962

2. Suspicious Minds 1969

Winner and Number 1. Always On My Mind 1972

Always On My Mind which was originally a country song first recorded by Brenda Lee, was written by Johnny Christopher, Wayne Carson and Mark James.

While watching The Nation’s Favorite Elvis Song as the show quickly motored through the list, it became apparent ITV could easily have made the chart into a full series. The story behind many of Elvis songs could easily be made into a documentary all of their own.

As with many charts, this line-up is perhaps more notable for the tracks left out than those which made it. There’s no doubt though that the top 20 would have far more credibility as the nation’s favorites, if ITV had actually conducted a full public vote prior to the making of the programme.

Though the 90 minute chart rundown may leave Elvis biggest fans wanting more, the show will at least add new members to the Kings already massive following.