Nicholas McDonald ‘The Climb’ – X Factor 2013 Video and Judges Comments

Here’s the full YouTube video of¬†Nicholas McDonald singing The Climb on the X Factor UK 2013, plus the judges comments. The young Scot performed this song on his 17th Birthday as part of ‘The Best of X Factor’ theme, during week 7 of the live shows:

Judges Comments

Sharon Osbourne: “Nicholas, hi Nicky. Nicky first of all happy birthday my little darling. Wow, fabulous song and always, I keep saying this week after week, you are so reliable, you never lets yourself down. . . Every week Louis picks you the best songs and you are just there, solid as a rock. Great song choice again Louis darling for Nicholas’ birthday. Beautifully sung you little wild man you”.

Gary Barlow: “Leave him alone now Mrs O, Nicholas another great performance there, you know again I want you to keep going on the identity. You know I want you to go away this week, download people the same age as you and listen because there’s an identity still to come out in you. But again another great performance tonight, well done”.

Nicole Scherzinger: “Oh Gazza, my Nicky blue eyes, happy birthday Nicky. . . Anyways focus Nicole. I saw the identity, I felt, I saw more individuality and Nicholas has hands this week and they are living while he is singing. They were living up there and I felt like you flipped it up, you added a bounce in there, you made it definitely more individual. . . That’s a beautiful song choice Louis, that’s exactly the song I would hear on your album just like when you did my favorite version of A Thousand Years at the arenas, is exactly what I hear on your album. Good job honey”.

Louis Walsh: “Nicolas, happy birthday, your 17, it was the perfect pop song for you. Nicolas I’m doing this ten years and your one of the best vocal contestants I’ve ever worked with on this show”.