Where was Our Girl filmed for BBC? – Series Film Locations

Where is the BBC drama series Our Girl filmed?

The scenes for the new series of Our Girl, which are set in Afghanistan, were actually filmed on location in South Africa. For obvious safety reasons due to the ongoing conflict, the series wasn’t produced in Afghanistan.

However, as you will notice from watching the show, these filming locations proved to be a pretty good match in terms of both terrain and climate.

Actress Lacey Turner as lead character Molly Dawes - Image Credit: BBC/Coco Van Oppens

Lacey Turner filming on location for the new series of Our Girl – Image Credit: BBC/Coco Van Oppens

In fact, one of the biggest challenges faced by the Our Girl BBC cast and crew was the countries extremely high temperatures. The heat was made even worse for the actors due to being dressed in full military kit.

Here’s what lead actress Lacey Turner, who plays Molly Dawes, had to say about the challenges of training for the new five-part 2014 series: “Just training yourself for the heat was enough! You just don’t realise how hot it is. We filmed in South Africa and there where points when it was around 46 degrees. You’re hot enough in the kit in this country let alone a hot country. We were running up mountains and down mountains and through rivers. It was fun, I loved it.”

The start date for series 2 of Our Girl has now been set for 9:00pm on Sunday 21 September, 2014 on BBC One.

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