Outnumbered Series 5 Cast and Characters List – The Final, 2014 Series

Image Credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Colin Hutton

The Brockman family cast – Image Credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Colin Hutton

Here’s the cast list for season 5 of the BBC comedy Outnumbered, which runs for 6, 30 minute episodes.

When it begins airing at 9pm on BBC One (in most regions) on Wednesday the 29th of January, this 2014 series is expected to be Outnumbered’s last. With the kids growing up fast, the cast lineup is now looking very different to the original 2007 series.

Pete Brockman (Dad) – Hugh Dennis

Sue Brockman (Mum) – Claire Skinner

Jake Brockman – Tyger Drew-Honey

Ben Brockman – Daniel Roche

Karen Brockman – Ramona Marquez


Esme – Georgina Buckle (Episode 1,5)

Ed Poll – Cliff Parisi (Episode 2)

Pool Attendant – Javone Prince (Episode 2)

Pool Supervisor – Richard Frame (Episode 2)

Stacey – Emily Berrington (Episode 3,4,6)

Mr Johnson – Harry Shearer (Episode 5). Even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve almost certainly heard him speak. Among others, Harry provides the voices of Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, Smithers, Ned Flanders, Lenny and Dr. Hibbert on The Simpsons. Appropriately for Outnumbered, he’s also the man behind newsreader Kent Brockman.

Outnumbered - Image Credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Colin Hutton

Outnumbered: Harry Shearer as Mr Johnson – Image Credit: BBC/Hat Trick/Colin Hutton

Mrs Raynott – Rebecca Front (Episode 5)

Timaeia – Anna Morris (Episode 5)

Mrs Raynott – Rebecca Front (Episode 5)

Melissa – Phoebe Thomas (Episode 5)

Mr Lee – Chooye Bay (Episode 5)

Mike – Ged Simmons (Episode 5)

Brett – Mark Bagnall (Episode 5)

Bob – Simon Lenagan (Episode 5)

Auntie Angela – Samantha Bond (Episode 6)

Tommy – Chris Geere (Episode 6)

Mr Farthingwell – Philip Pope (Episode 6)


Writer and Producer – Andy Hamilton

Writer and Producer – Guy Jenkin