The Musketeers: Peter Capaldi ‘Really Enjoying’ Cardinal Richelieu Role

Image Credit: BBC Photographer: Larry Horricks

Image Credit: BBC Photographer: Larry Horricks

The BBC have just released this short video interview with Peter Capaldi, in which he discusses his role as Cardinal Richelieu in the new BBC drama series, The Musketeers.

Talking about Richelieu’s relationship with the shows title characters, Capaldi states “He finds the high spirits and indiscipline of The Musketeers an irritant.”

When discussing how he finds playing the role of the baddie, the 55-year-old says “So I’m really enjoying it, it’s a wonderful, enjoyable, fun thing. You always think with the villain or the spy, that in a way it’ll be more straightforward to play, but it’s not, it’s kind of quite complex to try and give the audience what they want . . . and also give them an element of truth. But it’s wonderful.”

Going by the fact Peter’s in full costume in the video, I assume this brief interview was conducted last year, during the shows filming:

Series 1 of The Musketeers, which is set to run for 10, 1 hour episodes, has gotten off to a strong start in 2014. With this in mind, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a season 2 commissioned sometime in the near future, perhaps even before the current series has finished.

This is of course assuming there’ll be no major deaths in the season 1 plot, that would make a return realistically impossible. Though even that didn’t stop Sherlock.

The swashbuckling action continues Sunday nights on BBC One.