‘Prey’ ITV Cast List and Preview (TV Drama 2014)

Premiering at 9:00pm on Monday the 28th of April, 2014 and airing over 3 episodes, ITV drama series Prey follows the story of Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow – a man on the run, who becomes desperate to clear his name for the sake of his family.

When Farrow (played by actor John Simm) delves into a seemingly forgotten case, he’s no idea of the chaos and heartache this will lead to. Put in the frame for murder, Marcus is left with no choice but to escape and attempt to clear his name.

Prey ITV Cast List – Series 1 – 2014

John Simm (Mad Dogs, Life on Mars, Exile) – Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow

Rosie Cavaliero (Pat and Cabbage, Inside No. 9) – Acting DCI Susan Reinhardt

Craig Parkinson (Whitechapel, The Mill) – Detective Inspector Sean Devlin

Ade Edmondson (Bottom, The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff) – Assistant Chief Constable Warner

Anastasia Hille (The Bletchley Circle, The Fear) – DCI Andrea Mackenzie

Benedict Wong (Top Boy) – Detective Sergeant Ash Chan

Additional Cast of Prey

Actor/Actress – Character

Heather Peace – Abi Farrow
Ezra Dent-Watson – Finn Farrow
Charlie Concannon – Max Farrow
Struan Rodger – Topher Lomax
Brian Vernel – Dale Lomax
Ray Emmet Brown – Tony Reinhardt
Meryl Hampton – Gilly Hanson
Elif Knight – Leila Hassan
Gem Carmella – Amira Hassan
Samuel Gomes – Da Silva Asil Hassan

Greg Cook – Jeff Sharp
Helen Kay – FME Spencer
Melissa Jane Sinden – Mrs Nutter
Jim Whelan – Mr Nutter
Abukar Osman – Malaqi
Zariah Bailey – Policeman
Daniel Jillings – Policeman
Anthony Grundy – Custody Sergeant
Zoe Dickens – Flo
Emma Edmondson – Janice
Louise Prodding – Police Officer

The series was created and written by Chris Lunt and directed by BAFTA award-winner Nick Murphy.

When asked about his ‘Prey’ character, John Simm said: “Marcus Farrow is a hardworking Manchester detective (DS) who is devoted to his wife and two sons. However, when we meet him it’s fair to say his relationship with wife Abi (Heather Peace) is going through a “rough patch”, he’s living apart from them but is confident they can get their relationship back on track. He’s a great dad and would do anything for his two boys.”

Don’t forget that if you miss any of the episodes on Monday nights, catch up is available online 24/7 via ITV Player.

What’s the theme tune music used on the Prey adverts?

The song used in the ads and trailers is called ‘Run For It’ and it’s by the New Zealand rock band Six60. The song played during the end credits of episode 1 was ‘No Need to Argue’ by The Cranberries.

Here’s the full version of Run For It: