Sam Bailey: Clown – X Factor Live Shows 2013

In what was personally my favorite performance of the night, here’s Sam Bailey singing ‘Clown’ on week 8 of the X Factor 2013 live shows.

Having previously sung this song during the bootcamp auditions, Saturday night saw a somewhat more glamorous looking Mrs Bailey take to the stage in yet another emotional rendition of the Emeli Sandé track:

No matter what her fellow X Factor finalists seem to do, the 36-year-old simply refuses to take her foot off the gas. Stealing the show week after week with her massive vocal performances.

Judges Comments

Gary: “Well done Sam, I think having two songs tonight has actually benefited you the most. I mean an hour ago you had us all dancing, now you’ve got us all crying, I mean it’s absolutely beautiful. Your voice just goes on, I’m astounded actually by how high your chest voice is. Your full voice is so high, I mean it’s so developed your range, you are a superb singer. Well done.”

Nicole: “I just have one word, astounding. . . No really, that’s it, Louis.”

Louis: “Sam, your what the show is all about. I remember you singing that song at bootcamp, and to watch how you’ve progressed from there to now, and look at you. You look relevant, you look like a pop star, and you know what, your a class act, your a world class act vocally. I know your work effic, Sharon you’ve done an amazing job mentoring. This is the vocal performance of the night, by a mile. And Sam you know, and Mrs O, you work so well together, and you know you have to get a record deal and you have to sell all those records, and fulfill everything that you want. That’s why you entered the competition and that’s what the competition is all about. Helping somebody like you, that has an amazing talent.”

Sharon: “Sam, your vocal range never ceases to amaze me. I cannot believe your lower end, your higher, it’s just unbelievable. There is no song that you cannot sing and tonight you moved me, you touched my soul. I love you.”

Sam’s response: “I was just singing it to my little girl, she’s over there, so. I love her to pieces, I miss her loads.”

As amazing as both Sam’s versions of Clown have been, you get the feeling there’s still even better to come from the UK’s newest singing sensation. With Sharon’s girl seemingly able to sing anything, how great Sam can be may now simply come down to song choice and how big they want to go. Did someone say I Will Always Love You?