Who should Sam Bailey duet with in X Factor final 2013?

Now we all know the American singer Michael Bolton has publicly declared his desires to duet with X Factor 2013 star Sam Bailey, but who would fans like to see her team up with at the final?

Although there’s no guarantees in the world of reality TV, let’s assume for now the 36-year-old does make it to the X Factor final at Wembley. The question of who Sam duets with will likely come down to a number of factors.

Firstly, seeing as the prison officer is in Sharon Osbourne’s category, we’re guessing she ain’t gonna be singing with her mentor. Had Sam been in either Nicole Scherzinger or Gary Barlow’s groups, this would have likely been the case.

It’s also fair to assume whoever the partner turns out to be, the pair will perform a song from that artists own personal repertoire. Therefore, taking into account Sam’s vocal abilities and previous song choices, we’re looking for a fellow ballad belter with a big voice. Plus what professional vocalist wants to be out-sung by a talent show contestant, live on stage in front of millions of viewers? Anyone willing to fill the role either better leave their ego in the dressing room, or have some serious pipes.

So this process of elimination only really leaves a handful of names, and already successful singers kinda have more to lose than they do gain, from such an appearance.

Plus will Simon Cowell even want Mrs Bailey to win this years series? If rival contestant Tamera Foster makes it to Decembers final, the boss may chose to back this commercial, ready made star instead. This may then make it harder for Sam to bag a big name partner.

If however Simon backs a Bailey win and is willing to pull a few music industry strings, who would be your money-no-object, dream duo?

Aside from current contender Michael Bolton, maybe Sam and sound-alike Celine Dion performing The Power of Love? Other possibilities include Emeli Sandé, Adele, Leona Lewis or maybe even Beyonce.

One more thing, the top video above of Sam singing ‘One Moment in Time’, ‘Chains’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ has been on YouTube for around three years now, why the heck wasn’t she signed up to a major record contract ages ago?