When does the new series of South Park start in the UK?

Question: When is the new series of South Park beginning on Comedy Central in the UK?

Answer: Season 17 of South Park will premiere in the UK on Wednesday, 2 October, 2013 on Comedy Central.

Episode one which is titled ‘Let Go, Let Gov’ puts the shows unique twist on the recent government surveillance news stories, as Cartman becomes convinced his phone calls are being monitored by the National Security Agency. Meanwhile, once Butters learns the government supposedly has the power to watch and listen to him 24/7, he begins to worship them as a god.

With the quality of South Park episodes being far from consistent in recent years, we’ll have to wait and see if the new season can live up to the shows once high standard of humor.

In a change to the original plan, the new series will only feature 10 episodes instead of 14.