Tamera Foster singing Cry Me A River on X Factor UK 2013

Rounding out Saturday nights big band week on the X factor 2013, was Tamera Foster singing Cry Me A River.

After finding herself in last weeks bottom two, the 16 year old continued to ride the momentum she built up in Sundays sing-off. Tamera’s second rendition of ‘I Have Nothing’ underlined the fact she’s the only singer in this years competition who can in anyway challenge Sam Bailey in the vocal department.

Here’s the full YouTube video of Tamera’s ‘Cry Me A River’ performance:

Judges Comments:

Louis Walsh: “Tamera, after that performance I know we did absolutely the right thing saving you last week. . . You’ve got this thing called star quality.”

Sharon Osbourne: “You sang really, really well tonight. You’ve got a great God given gift which is your voice, I need more passion from you.”

In what was the most meaningful and considered critique of the night, Gary Barlow stated: “I realized something seeing you in the bottom two last week, and that’s that me and the judges and everyone who works here, and the people at home watching the show. I feel like we’ve all taken you for granted because your very good, OK. Your a great singer, you look amazing. Above all what I wanna do tonight is just say this competition is all about potential, and your potential is stratospheric OK. So rather than take you for granted I want to say tonight I’m going to acknowledge you as the amazing singer you are and say well done.”

Nicole Scherzinger: “I couldn’t have said it any better myself, that performance was absolutely mesmerizing.”