That Puppet Game Show – BBC Cast and Crew

That Puppet Gameshow Cast - BBC

That Puppet Gameshow Cast – Photographer: Guy Levy. Image Copyright: BBC

Here is the full cast list for the BBC’s new Saturday night entertainment programme, That Puppet Gameshow.

Each episode which is produced jointly by the BBC and The Jim Henson Company see’s two celebrities compete in a series of bizarre games. Each week the shows overall winner is awarded £10,000 for their chosen charity.


Dougie Colon: A Bolton native who is the game shows main presenter and host of The Puppet End Game.



Amber O’Neill

Specialist subject: Showbiz

Games: Life’s a Speech

The Amazing Ian 

Specialist subject: Mental agility

Games: Glow Balls and Nosey Neighbor

Dr. Heimlich Strabismus

Specialist subject: Science

Games: Blow By Blow and Paddlestar Galactica

Eddie Watts

Specialist subject: Music

Games: Cheek to Cheek and Saucissong

Jake Hamilton-Jones

Specialist subject: Nature

Games: Bird Droppings and Dart Attack

Jemima Taptackle 

Specialist subject: Sport

Games: Punch Your Lights Out

The That Puppet Gameshow Hot Dogs in Saucissong

The That Puppet Gameshow Hot Dogs in Saucissong – Photographer: Guy Levy. Image Copyright: BBC

Extras and Back Stage Crew

The Hot Dogs: This collection of sausages who show no fear for a set of barbecue tongs appear in the games Nosey Neighbor and Saucissong.

Mancie O’Neill: Producer of That Puppet Game Show. She also happens to be the slightly older sister of showbiz expert Amber.

Udders McGhee: President and Chairman of the television studio who also happens to be a cow.

Clyde Stravinsky: A crab who performs the role of the shows scorekeeper despite not appearing to be too good with contestants names.