The Michael McIntyre Chat Show starts Spring 2014 on BBC One

In this brand new BBC One series, The Michael McIntyre Chat Show will feature top comedian Michael McIntyre chatting weekly to a selection of famous faces from the entertainment world.

Set to run for 6 weeks, each 45 minute episode will see the stand-up sat down, as he interviews three celebrity guests, while no-doubt regularly slipping in some of his much loved comedy material.

As a comic who’s famous for his high energy and physically active stand-up routines, this will be the first time Michael’s been forced to stay still since his brief stint as a Britain’s Got Talent judge. With it clear the 37-year-old is at his happiest up and about on stage, it’ll be interesting to see how well he can relax and listen, while his guests chat and plug away.

In typical McIntyre fashion as he reacted to the news of his upcoming show, the stand-up joked: “From my very first conversation I remember thinking, ‘This should be televised!'”

The BBC has yet to confirm an exact start date for The Michael McIntyre Chat Show, other than sometime during Spring 2014. More news on that as we get it.