Get that Musketeers Look – The BBC Cast Talk Facial Hair

D'Artagnan (LUKE PASQUALINO), Aramis (SANTIAGO CABRERA) - Image Credit: BBC/Dusan Martincek

Good with a blade, Musketeers D’Artagnan (LUKE PASQUALINO) and Aramis (SANTIAGO CABRERA) – Image Credit: BBC/Dusan Martincek

Now I think it’s fair to say none of The Musketeers male cast members are likely to land a Gillette sponsorship deal anytime soon, the success of the BBC series may even bring this particular style of facial hair back into fashion.

Other than Ryan Gage who plays the character King Louis, pretty much all the male cast lineup sport some kind of beard, though it appears d’Artagnan actor Luke Pasqualino has found it tougher than others.

But this trend hasn’t been exclusive to those working on screen, with even the series lead director Toby Haynes getting in on the act.

In this short BBC video, we take a look behind the scenes as the shows actors discuss how easy or hard it’s been to grow a true Musketeers style beard and mustache:

Season 1 of The Musketeers is currently airing Sunday nights at 9:00pm on BBC One.