The Science of Doctor Who: BBC Science Fiction Meets Science Fact

Image Credit: BBC/Mark Allen Photographer: Mark Allen Image Copyright: BBC

Is the sonic screwdriver fact or fiction? Find out in The Science of Doctor Who with Professor Brian Cox. Image Credit: BBC/Mark Allen. Photographer: Mark Allen. Image Copyright: BBC

As part of the build up to The Day of the Doctor later this month, BBC Two and Professor Brian Cox are set to look into The Science of Doctor Who.

In what promises to be a treat for Dr Who and physics fans alike, Brian will give a guest lecture to viewers and a celebrity audience at the Royal Institution of Great Britain lecture theatre. In much the same style as the Prof’s earlier one-off BBC special, A Night with the Stars.

This time however, Brian will be delving into the universe of the Timelord to explain how the laws of physics allow the Doctor to travel through time and space. Plus dare I say disproving some of his adventures?

The show which airs on BBC Two at 9:00 pm on Thursday, 14 November, 2013, will take an exciting look at the REAL science behind Doctor Who. Of course with Professor Brian Cox leading the way, viewers should expect no bending of the truth when it comes to just what is and isn’t possible, in the world of theoretical physics. As far as the possibility of life on other planets goes, Brian is more than aware the sheer number of stars in our galaxy and galaxies in our universe, make this a virtual certainty. So don’t expect that key aspect of the BBC sci-fi series to be disproved too easily.

Providing you have some interest in science, this hour-long special can still be enjoyed, even if you’ve somehow never watched an episode of Doctor Who in your life. If you happen to miss the original broadcast date, don’t forget you’ll still get the chance to watch online via BBC iPlayer.